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Let’s face it: you’re tired of paying high energy bills. And who could blame you? After all, most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. But what if there were a way for you to save money on your energy use without having to compromise on comfort?

smart thermostat Well, there is. And it’s called a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat lets you control the temperature settings in your home remotely. From wherever you are. You can set timers and adjust temperatures from your phone or computer, so if you’re getting home late from work and don’t want to walk into a freezing house, or if it’s too hot outside and you need help cooling down before heading inside, it’s just a few taps away.

Benefits of Smart Thermostat

In addition to saving money by lowering your overall energy consumption, smart thermostats come with other benefits such as:

  • Increased comfort (because they can learn what temperatures make sense for different times of day)
  • Easier maintenance (your air conditioning system won’t need annual service calls)

Smart thermostats can save you money. If you have an older, inefficient model, a smart thermostat could help you save energy and money on your utility bills.

However, it’s important to choose the right one for your home and lifestyle. Smart thermostats are typically connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. They can be controlled remotely from a computer or mobile device, which is great if you’re away from home or just want to change the temperature without getting up off the couch.

The Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a wise investment because it can save you up to 10% on heating and 15% on air conditioning. It’s the only brand that uses machine learning to automatically adjust your home’s temperature, which is why we recommend it above other smart thermostats.

How does it work? The Nest Learning Thermostat learns about you and your home’s heating/cooling patterns over time, so it can make adjustments based on what you do each day and night. How cool is that?


The Ecobee4 is a smart thermostat that can be controlled remotely. You can access and make changes to your schedule from wherever you are, whether it’s on your phone or at home. The Ecobee4 also features a remote sensor, which is useful if you have a room that needs to remain cooler or warmer than other parts of the house. This feature allows for greater accuracy in its readings, so it knows when to turn on the AC or heat depending on what rooms need cooling or warming. Some models also allow users to program temperature changes based on their schedule or account for weather conditions by learning from previous settings. This helps ensure that your house is at its most comfortable when you are there and not wasting energy when nobody’s home.

Hire a Specialist

There’s no denying that smart thermostats will save you money. But the savings are not guaranteed. There are many factors that can influence how much money you’ll save with a Nest or Ecobee. It’s best to speak with a professional before committing to a smart thermostat, so they can accurately assess what’s right for your home. They can also help you decide which model fits your needs, whether it’s a Nest or an Ecobee.

With a smart thermostat installed by Just Air Solutions, there’s no reason not to be saving money.