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The summer season is in full swing. Unfortunately, summers can be brutal nowadays due to the rapid climate change and global warming. With some of the hottest days going beyond 90°F, you need your air conditioning to be in top order and function optimally. However, homeowners don’t know where exactly to look if their air conditioning unit is not working fine. But an air compressor is the heart of the AC unit. So chances are high that if your air conditioner is not working fine that the culprit behind it is a faulty air compressor.

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Top 3 Signs of a Faulty Air Compressor

So the ultimate question is, how can you tell if your AC is not working well because of its air compressor? Well, faulty air compressors are fairly easy to notice. Hence, if there really is an issue with your compressor, here are the top three signs that will indicate so:

1)   Your AC Is Making Unusual Sounds

Usually, the main reason behind a faulty compressor is an electrical failure, and that leads to your AC making unusual sounds like screeching, rattling, and growling noises. These sounds accompanied by consistent vibration are the most common and apparent telltale signs of a faulty air compressor that needs fixing immediately. Remember not to keep the AC running in hopes that the sounds with die down eventually. This will end up damaging your AC unit even more.

2)   Your AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Although the air conditioner not blowing cold air is very common, it is not always a sign of a faulty air compressor. Therefore, try cleaning your filters first and ensure that you don’t have a refrigerant leak. Only then can you know if the culprit is the air compressor. However, making this distinction can be challenging for regular homeowners. Hence, it is better if you let a reliable, professional step in and make the diagnosis for you.

3)   You Can’t Hear the Compressor.

Lastly, a common sign of a faulty compressor is that you can’t hear the compressor. It happens when the air compressor fails to turn on. So if you can only hear the fan running and can’t hear the compressor running over it – chances are your air compressor didn’t even turn on in the first place. You can hear the air compressor from the condensing unit placed outside your home. It is loud enough to be heard over the fan.

Bottom Line

Now that you know that the air compressor can very well be the reason behind your ill-functioning ac, we hope you keep an eye out for the signs we have listed to catch the issue early on and get it fixed right away.

So if you are looking for a reliable professional to step in and evaluate your situation, Just Air Solutions is the place for you. With a 24/7 rapid response team and over 20 years of experience in the field, we have all that it takes to satisfy our customers.

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